Karen Atterberry

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Special Learning Assistance Programs


Our special programs assist students who qualify for extra help by providing interventions in a small group setting.  We offer targeted reading and math instruction,
 as well as provide support for students who are
English language learners.  

Coordinator/Instructor: Karen Atterberry
Reading Tutors: Gail Jacobson, Jessica Stonecipher, and Diana Gareheim
English Language Tutor/Interpretor: Rosa Sanchez

Our reading/math assistance programs are scheduled during a grade level wide intervention time.  Every child in the grade will be participating in reading/math activities that are suited to their needs.  
Your child is NOT pulled out of class during core instruction.  
English Language assistance is provided either in class during regular instruction, or sometimes by pulling your child out to work in a quieter, less distracting place to work on tasks.